AL4500 Low Latency Video & Data Over Fiber Mux/Demux


Product Description

Fixed configuration rack mountable multiplexer that can accept 8 PCM streams and 8 NTSC video streams for transport across “dark” fiber.

8 Video Signals

  • Analog, Digital, Time Code, Audio
  • NTSC Composite Video
  • <2 microsecond delay (no compression)

Video Inputs

  • Accepts 1/2V p-p to 2V p-p Input Level
  • Automatic Gain Control

Video Outputs

  • Front Panel Adjustable up to 2V p-p Output

8 PCM Signals

  • TTL Level, Data and Clock
  • 100 bps to 40M bps range
  • Format Independent (no setup required)
  • Compact 5 ¼ inches Rack mount chassis

Intermediate Range Fiber Optic Link

  • 1310 nm DFB Laser
  • Up to 15 km reach
  • LC type Optical Interface
Data Sheets