New Product Announcements

AL1025AL1025 Quad Channel TMoIP Processor
4 Channel PCM over IP w/ Built in BER, Secure (SNMP v2 and v3) Control, Flexible PCM Channel Setup (learn more…)


64x64AL2273 64×64 Digital Matrix Switch
Solid state switch technology, non-blocking switch matrix, flexible modular (learn more…)



image-coming-soonAL6601 Multi-Purpose Test Platform
Modular and portable unit used for Recording, RF Transmission, BER Testing, along with supporting multiple card types (learn more…)

Please Visit Apogee Labs At These Events

ITEA2022 Test Instrumentation Workshop

May 16-19
Tuscany Suites and Conference Center – Las Vegas, NV
Booth T6


2022 Vandenberg Space Show – Modern Range Technology

June 14-15
Pacific Coast Club – Lompoc, CA



October 24-27
Renaissance Hotel and Spa – Glendale, AZ
Booth 112


Celebrating Over Two Decades of Excellence

ALILogo22AApogee Labs is celebrating over two decades of providing successful mission solutions to our customers while staying true to our mission, vision and maintaining our core values.

Satellite Over Earth

Apogee Labs provides state-of-the-art products and service to the communications, instrumentation and telemetry communities.

Aerospace Production Facility

We offer cost-effective solutions for collecting, transmitting, converting, switching and distributing signals found within these communities.

Network Cables

Our equipment acquires diverse signal types such as analog, digital and video and transmits the results in real time via Ethernet, satellite, microwave or fiber optics.