Data Acquisition

Apogee Labs offers a variety of modular chassis types used for the gathering of various data and video sources for use in data transport and recording applications.

data-acquisition AL2873 Configurable Interfacer Unit
IRIG106 Compliant Data Acquisition Unit in a 3.5 inch rack mountable chassis  (learn more…)

al4300 AL8400 Data Acquisition Multiplexer
Laboratory data acquisition applications, various signal types accepted (learn more…)

al1075B AL1075 Event Detector System
Special purpose voltage measurement instrument (learn more…)

AL8000 AL8000 Miniature Tactical PCM Encoder
Low Power CPLD Based PCM Encoder (5V at 24mA), optional bit rates up to (learn more…)

AL8100 AL8100 Tactical PCM Encoder
Low Power FPGA Based PCM Encoder (5v at <35mA), optional bit rates up (learn more…)