Data Transport Solutions

Apogee Labs offers Data Transport solutions including Ground and Airborne based Multiplexer & Demultiplexer Systems as well as a wide variety of Data-Over-Fiber products. Contact our technical team ( to learn how these products can satisfy your needs, schedule a demonstration, or review your unique requirements.

al4304 AL4301/4302/4304 Communications & Telemetry Mux/Demux
Modular rack mountable multiplexer that can accept many types of data (learn more…)

AL3073Chassis AL3073 Fiber Distribution System
System dedicated to routing and distributing digital signals through a fiber optic network (learn more…)

AL2175 AL2175 Fiber Optic Data Link for Rockwell Collins Series RT-1939 Military Radios
Fiber Optic Mux/Demux that provides an isolated connection between two Rockwell Collins RT-1939 Military Radios (learn more…)