Apogee Labs offers a variety of modular chassis types that support 100+ modules used for Distribution, Signal Conversion, Fiber Optics, Clock Regeneration and more.

2873 AL2873 Configurable Interfacer Unit
IRIG106 Compliant Data Acquisition Unit in a 3.5 inch rack mountable chassis that (learn more…)

al2073 AL2073 Signal Converter Interface Unit
Modular 3.5 inch rack mount chassis that can house up to 14 modules from a (learn more…)

2073S AL2073-SL Single Module Interfacer Chassis
Single module interfacer chassis targeted to a single application (learn more…)

AL1073 AL1073 4 Slot Interfacer Chassis
1U modular chassis that supports redundant power supplies and 4 card slots for interfacer type cards (learn more…)

2500 AL2500 INTERFACER II Interface / Protocol Conversion
3U, ANSI, 5.25” high, 19” wide, 12” deep Rack mount chassis, able to support (learn more…)