Corporate History

APOGEE LABS, INC. was founded in 1993 to develop and supply innovative state-of-the-art products for the specific needs of the communications,instrumentation, and telemetry communities. Over the years the Company has developed cost effective products to collect, transmit and record the signals, data and communications found within these communities. Today APOGEE is a recognized leader in bridging the gaps that exist between the unique requirements of the DOD National and International Test Ranges, NASA,the High Energy Physics communities and commercial communications and networking infrastructures.

Multiplexing techniques developed by NASA have been the springboard for our Mux/Demux systems. Our expertise has grown our products to include Rugged Multiplexing as well as Telemetry over IP in small single unit Data Nodes (PCM, Video, etc.), BERTs, Signal conditioning, Acquisition and Compression as well as transmit in real time via satellite, microwave, fiber optics, or common carrier systems. Recording data for archival or transmission disaster recovery is also available.

Apogee Labs is a small business corporation and is privately owned.