AL529 Display

al529Product Description

The AL529 is utilized as the Pilot Control Unit (PCU) within the Airborne Data Aquisition System (ADAS) and features the following:

  • Dimensions: 10.6″(L) x 7.4″(W) x 0.8″(H) / (227 x 151 x 24mm)
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs
  • MIL-STD-810G certified
  • IP65 certified sealed all-weather design
  • Resolution: WUXGA 1920(horizontal) x 1200(vertical) pixels (Viewed in Landscape Orientation)
  • Screen Size: 10.1″ daylight-readable screen with anti-reflective anti-glare screen treatments
  • Touchscreen: 10 point capacitive multi touch + digitizer screen
  • Supports bare-hand touch and gestures and electronic waterproof stylus pen
  • Supports glove mode and wet-touch mode
  • Brightness: 2-800 nit IPS display with direct bonding
  • Backlight: Rugged LED-based backlight
  • Linux Operating System


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