AL1075 Event Detector System

al1075BProduct Description
  • Measures analog voltage to determine if within preset window range and generates an output event signal
  • Input measurement range of ±40V with ±5mV accuracy
  • Three channels of voltage measurement per module, each with programmable high and low threshold voltages
  • Input impedance of 1MΩ with a common reference which can float to ±500V relative to chassis ground
  • Four event outputs per module designed to drive relays or TTL/RS-422 loads
  • Input to output propagation delay of 12 ms and programmable output pulse length stretcher up to 2 seconds
  • Supports multiple test configurations with sixteen banks of window threshold values stored per module, any one of which selected via input configuration pins
  • Modular approach of up to five modules per chassis allows mix-and-match configuration and custom module development
  • Remote control and status monitoring of chassis via RS-232 or Ethernet interface
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