Gauge Software

gaugeProduct Description
  • Graphical user interface to create displays
  • Drag and Drop interface

Gauge Types Available:

  • Circle Gauge
  • Bar Gauge
  • Annunciator Display
  • Numeric Display
  • Static Label Display
  • LED Indicators
  • XY Crossplot Display
  • Strip Chart Display
  • IRIG Time Display
  • Metronome
  • Custom Displays Upon Request

Data Input Types Available:

  • UDP, UDP Broadcast, UDP Multicast
  • IENA Input
  • INET Input
  • Serial PCM Channel TTL – 1Kbps-40 Mbps
  • CH10 Input

Software based gauge package allows easy modification of existing gauges by modifying .svg files. New gauge types available upon request.


Data Sheets